POLTAGS Stories For A Pet-Lover Soul. Saved from the fire flames.

Sometimes though circumstances brings the best of us as human beings, of how great we are. Our virtues guided by kindness and compassion makes us capable of defining with actions the true concept of Love.

We at POLTAGS  believe that kindness, compassion and love, will always win. And the story below is proof of this.

Ali and his family lost everything in a fire, but he managed to save his kitten from the burning house.

Ali, a pensioner from a village in Turkey, and his family just lost everything in a fire. The house where they were living burned to ashes. Fortunately, no one was injured and the pensioner even managed to save his kitten from the house.

While the house was burning, the old man found his friend and took him outside. The photos of a crying man hugging a saved kitten with ashes in the background, spread around the world and people were amazed by his actions.

Governmental authorities helped Ali and his family. A new house has been prepared for them where they are now happily living together with their beloved pet.

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Story source: Brightside .me

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