The wristband and key fob use NFC technology. NFC means Near Field Communication, in other words is a wireless technology to share information between two objects or articles that are close in proximity. 

This technology is integrated in the majority of smart phones (Android and iPhones 7 or newer).  If you have an Android, you need to verify that the NFC reader function is enabled. To have access to the digital profile the person should put the phone close to the article and go to the link to download the Poltags app. This will allow access to the profile with the emergency information.  

In addition, the key fob includes QR Code. The QR Code is a type of barcode that stores information and can be read by a digital device, such as a cell phone.  To access the digital profile, the person should activate the camera and scan the code. The link will send the person to download the Poltags app to have access to a digital profile.

No, the items don’t need batteries or to be charged.

Yes. The products are designed to be water and sweat resistant to use wherever you go.

The wristband is a one size fits all. It can be adjustable to different wrist sizes. To know the dimensions of the wristband see the product description upon selection.

Yes. We know that security is a main concern.  You can choose what information you want to share in your digital profile. Also, people or first responders that scan or tap your Poltags will need to download the app to have access, without the need to register, and it only takes seconds. This provides more security for users than having exposed engraved information, and a greater confidence if they are registered in Poltags platform.

To create a digital profile you need to download the Poltags app and register. You'll receive a confirmation email for your registration.

When your item arrive, scan the product with the app and it will take you to the process of add a digital profile of your loved one or person under your care.

If you do no receive the registration email, please follow the following steps.

When you buy a Poltags Care item includes one year of free subscription. The subscription effectivity will start when you activate your account.

When the year ends you will need to re-activate your subscription by paying $23.88 plus taxes yearly per family. 

No. Poltags doesn’t use GPS live tracking system. However, Poltags allows to send notifications to emergency contacts, families, or guardians with the exact location of your loved ones in need for immediate family support.

You can manage multiple profiles from your Poltags account, and also share it with other family members for mutual support.